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Let’s Mock Twitter's Hilarious Overreactions About The World Cup Draw

Fox Soccer’s Twitter account got ripped for calling Group F the Group of Death.

Let me first get this out of the way: To every outlet that live tweeted every single moment of the World Cup draw, STFU — you’re wasting precious Twitter space. Second, can we take a moment to make fun of everyone who made absurd overreactions during the World Cup draw?

Twitter by nature is a platform that encourages instant, raw reaction often at the expense of thoughtful dialogue. So let's give some raw reactions to Twitter's World Cup draw reactions.

We'll start with Fox Soccer, an easy target. Moments after the draw they tweeted this out. 

In this World Cup, in which every pot was decided by FIFA rank and not geography, there was no real Group of Death, but of course everyone has to make a proclamation of a Group of Death because reasons. Germany has played 10 competitive matches against its Group F opponents Mexico, Sweden and South Korea; it won nine of those, not to mention easily moving past Mexico at last summer’s Confederations Cup with a B team. The response to @FOXSoccer was not exactly kind.

Sticking with Group F, many Mexico fans appear to be extremely optimistic, despite being in a group FOX Soccer labeled the Group of Death.

Speaking of confidence, England went the other route after drawing Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. Group G isn’t exactly EASY, but isn’t super difficult other than Belgium. 

Russia was drawn into what is likely to be the easiest group and you know the Twittersphere had some opinions on that, especially with the opening match being Russia against Saudi Arabia.

There was also plenty of schadenfreude over the teams left out of the draw. (The Twitter accounts for Italy, the Netherlands, Chile and U.S. soccer were all conspicuously silent Friday.)

And because people have to make fun of things (after all, that’s what this entire article is about), let’s finish off with Twitter mocking the World Cup draw event itself, which included about 30 minutes of buildup before the actual teams were selected.

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