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Vinícius Jr. gets unexpected feline visitor during press conference in Catar… sorry, Qatar

There was a humorous moment during Brazil’s World Cup press conference on Wednesday when a cat crashed the party while Vinícius Jr. was speaking. The Vini Jr. cat moment left the Brazilian superstar cracking up.

Vini Jr. Cat Press Conference Moment

While talking to the press a cat decided that the podium looked like a great place to sit. The feline is most likely a stray. The person writing this article spent a week in Doha, Qatar, and will say that there are tons of stray cats that roam the streets.

Vini Jr. tried his best to keep answering a question before he ended up laughing at the situation. The cat was then moved off the podium.

“Our responsibility, you can say ‘weight on our shoulders’, is going to increase after every game…” Vini Jr. said before bursting with laughter.

The reporters gasped and people online weren’t too pleased with the way the guy picked up and flung the cat. Grabbing cats by the scruff is typically frowned upon. International Cat Care says that picking up cats by the scruff can cause stress.

Listen, the guy could have done better, but the cat will be just fine. At least he gave the cat a little pet before yeeting it off the podium. 

There were some photos of the cat after being tossed and the little one appears to be content.

My best guess for why he picked up the cat like that was to avoid any chance of getting scratched. Cat scratch fever is a real pain and not scooping up a stray cat in Qatar by the belly or legs is a good way to avoid it.

The cat will be OK, Vini Jr. will probably score against Croatia in the quarterfinals on Friday, Dec. 9 and everyone had a good laugh.

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