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The Pat McAfee Show have the funniest reaction to Christian Pulisic’s goal against Iran

Americans who aren’t usually interested in soccer have watched this World Cup more than ever, and the USMNT’s first qualification to the round of 16 since 2014 had the country hyped.

The Pat McAfee Show wasn't excluded.

Pat McAfee Show reaction to Pulisic goal

The USMNT game and victory against Iran had all of us on the edge of our seat, including those on the set of Pat McAfee.

The Pat McAfee Show is hosted by former NFL punter Pat McAfee in which he, along with other pundits, analyze and cover the latest in American sports news.

Yet, although the YouTube live-streamed show is primarily centered around the NFL, the cast took a break from the day’s agenda to celebrate Christian Pulisic’s goal against Iran last Tuesday.

"I believe that we will win!"

Funny enough, McAfee did, in fact, believe that they would win with a Pulisic goal.

Pat McAfee is Pulisic fan #1

McAfee has covered Pulisic news in the past, highlighting his occasional shine with Chelsea and his impact with the Blues without much minutes.

“We got a guy!”

Now, considering most of the pundits are quite unfamiliar with anything soccer (aside from Pulisic), it’s definitely heartwarming to see Americans cheer for their country in a sport that’s been essentially ‘neglected’ for the past decades.

Let’s hope the potential success of the USMNT in what’s left of Qatar, along with the hosting of the 2026 World Cup, turns soccer in the U.S. to what it already is everywhere else in the world.

Bring on the Netherlands.

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