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We Designed Nike Soccer Jerseys For Every NFL Team

The National Football League kicks off its 2018 season Thursday night as the Atlanta Falcons take on the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. There are always a lot of story lines going into the NFL season, but we're here to tell you that these classy soccer jerseys for every NFL team should be the conversation going into Thursday's game — not the new hit rules, not if Nick Foles can keep the Eagles train going and not Nike’s ad with Collin Kaepernick being played during the game (though if you're one of the people throwing your Nike stuff away, I’m a size medium and 9.5 shoe).

Behold! Here's a soccer jersey for every team in the NFL. Now ask yourself, would you rock the actual jersey of these NFL teams, or would you rather rock the soccer jersey we created for them? 


Buffalo Bills:

The Bills will likely be trash this year, but their fans will not. Bills Mafia would be looking sweet in our New Era 2010 USMNT-eque sash kit. Don’t worry Bills fans, I hear Josh Allen is big and tall. He’ll work out for sure.

Buffalo Bills Soccer Jersey


Miami Dolphins:

The Dolphins probably have my favorite uniforms in the NFL, and our soccer rendition is right up there with the best on this list. My take on the Dolphins is they will probably go 8-8 because Ryan Tannehill is their QB.

Miami Dolphins Soccer Jersey

New England Patriots:

Under Armour man Tom Brady wishes he could wear our Nike New England Patriots jersey, and I kinda wish I could too. Maybe we’ll get this puppy made if enough crazy Boston sports fans tell us to. Let’s all hope the Pats finally don’t make it to the Super Bowl this year. 

New England Patriots Soccer Jersey

New York Jets:

J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS! We brought the camo pattern out for rookie Sam Darold and company. The only thing missing is Joe Namath’s fur coat. God speed in New York, Sammy boy. We’ll see if you can handle the bright lights of the Gran Manzana.

New York Jets Soccer Jersey

AFC West 

Denver Broncos:

The Broncos defense from Super Bowl 50 has lost some peices, but John Elway finally has a quarterback in Case Keenum. Was last year a fluke for Case? I don't know, but I do know these can't-miss orange kits would look good on anyone. 

Denver Broncos Soccer Jersey

Kansas City Chiefs:

Classic look for The Chiefs, or "The Chefs," as I like to call them. They're rolling with Patrick Mahomes this year, so I expect a lot of interceptions and a lot of touchdowns. And a lot of Andy Read messing up clock management. 

   Denver Broncos Soccer Jersey

Los Angeles Chargers:

Having lightning bolts on your sleeves is always cool, so the Chargers kit is up their as one of my favorites. It’s a big year for the team and expectations are high. It will all depends on Penelope...I mean Philip Rivers. 

Los Angeles Chargers Soccer Jersey

Oakland Raiders:

All black for the black hole that is the Oakland Raiders. They just traded their best player in Khalil Mack and will probably suck this year. The only good thing about the Raiders is every NFL fan can go to Vegas when their team plays them. Marshawn is a keeper too. 

Oakland Raiders Soccer Jersey

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens:

These jerseys remind me of when Barcelona had their kit split in two (still one of my favorite Barca kits). I dig the look for the Ravens and I would dig the actual Baltimore Ravens more if they played Lamar Jackson this year instead of NOT ELITE Joe Flacco. 

Baltimore Ravens Soccer Jersey

Cincinnati Benglas:

The tiger stripes was an obvious play here. It’s just about as obvious as the Bengals having another mediocre year and keeping Marvin Lewis as their head coach.

Cincy Bengals Soccer Jersey

Cleveland Browns:

If you watched Hard Knocks this season, you are probably feeling like an honorary Browns fan this year. All I have to say is Bless ‘Em

Cleveland Browns Soccer Jersey

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Don’t worry Steelers fans. You may not have Le’Veon Bell, but you could have super sweet soccer jerseys!   

Pittsburgh Steelers Soccer Jerseys

AFC South 

Houston Texans:

Deshaun Watson was looking like an MVP caliber player last year before tearing his ACL. These soccer kits are as clean as they come and would look sweet on Bill O’Brian singing Rick Ross.

Houston Texans Soccer Jerseys

Indianapolis Colts:

Is Andrew Luck healthy? Are the Colts uniforms the most boring in the league? I don’t know. But I do know that Andy Luck likes soccer, so he’s OK in my book.  

Indy Colts Soccer Jerseys

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jalen Ramsey is dope. Bortles service is dope. Going from being one of the consistently worst teams in the NFL to the AFC Championship and almost beating Tom Brady is dope. And our faded kits for the Jags are dope.

Jacksonville Jaguars Soccer Jerseys

Tennesse Titans: 

Tennessee Titans: After a rough year due to injury, Marcus Mariota still helped the Titans get to the divisional round vs. the Patriots. The Oregon alum credits soccer to his development as a quarterback, so we’re all in on Marcus. Plus, he’s one of only two players to catch their own pass for a touchdown. Cool stuff. 

Tennessee Titans Soccer Jerseys


Dallas Cowboys:

How bout them Cowboys!? I’m pretty sick of Jerry Jones and now every time I see him I think about the South Park episode where he says his eyes aren’t too far apart. But the all whites will always be a home run in my book. 

Dallas Cowboys Soccer Jerseys

New York Giants:

Odell Beckham Jr loves soccer, so we know he would totally buy a New York Giants kit. If only OBJ had stuck with soccer during his time with the U.S. Development academy. 

New York Giants Soccer Jersey

Philadelphia Eagles:

Carson Wentz’s knee does not seem to be cooperating and Nick Foles will start the season. Can big dick Nick continue his run from last season? I’m going to say no and the Eagles suffer a little bit of a hangover this season.

Philadelphia Eagles Soccer Jersey

Washington Redskins:

Washington Redskins fans are praying that Alex Smith will throw the ball down field to new addition Paul Richardson. But "check down" Alex isn’t a bad thing and neither are these FedEx kits.

Washington Redskins Soccer Jerseys

NFC West 

Arizona Cardinals:

As a friend of mine once said, “Have you guys ever noticed that Sam Bradford looks like Sam Bradford’s baby brother wearing football pads?” Sam Bradford will probably get hurt and Josh Rosen will have his chance to prove all those teams who didn’t pick him wrong. The gold stripes on this shirt are about as hot as the Arizona heat. 

Arizona Cardinals Soccer Jersey

Los Angeles Rams:

Wade Phillips is the man and his defense will be unreal this year. These old school inspired kits would make Todd Gurley carry your fantasy team more than he did last year. 

  Los Angeles Rams Soccer Jersey

San Francisco 49ers:

Hey Jimmy G! You think we could get a picture of you and one of your lady friends in our sweet pinstripe kit?

San Francisco 49ers Soccer Jersey

Seattle Seahawks:

Seattle loves its soccer, so this is a shirt that we’d actually love to see get made. 12th man, what say you?

Seattle Seahawks Soccer Jersey

NFC North 

Chicago Bears:

The Bears are cool because they ran this play for a two point conversion once and it damn near blew my mind. 

Chicago Bears Soccer Jersey

Detroit Lions:

With the Packers and Vikings in the division, the Lions just can’t seem to break through. Matt Stafford has never won a playoff game but makes more than a lot of other QBs who have. So they have that going for them.

Detroit Lions Soccer Jersey

Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Rodgers didn’t get to play much last year, so he's going to come out firing this season. We have our second booze brand as a shirt sponsor, so these are top notch.

Green Bay Packers Soccer Jersey

Minnesota Vikings:

Hey Purple fans! Like the little viking ship touch we added to the jersey? (I do)

Hey Vikings fans! You like the three-year, $84 million contract for Kirk Cousins? (Editor's note: I do

Minnesota Vikings Soccer Jersey

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons:

All I know is the Falcons wouldn’t have blown a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl if they were wearing these bad boys. ATL United fans, what do you think?!

Atlanta Falcons Soccer Jersey  

Carolina Panthers:

Is this something  Cam Newton would wear? Probably not, but maybe Steph Curry or Christian McCaffrey would. I’d just like to point out this division is going to be fun this year.

Carolina Panthers Soccer jerseys

New Orleans Saints:

Black and gold were just meant to be together. These clean Saints jerseys will have Saints fans forgetting who Stefon Diggs is in no time. 

New Orleans Saints Soccer Jerseys  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

Don't ever change, Jameis. Don’t ever change.  

Tampa Bay Soccer Jersey

Graphics by Kevin Dawson

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