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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Conversation With Tom Brady That Sparked The QB Announcing His Un-Retirement

Tom Brady shocked the NFL world on Sunday when he announced that he was coming out of retirement for his 23rd season. The day prior at Old Trafford he gave Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo the scoop that his playing days might not be done. What did Ronaldo say to Tom Brady?

The seven-time Super Bowl winner witnessed greatness on Saturday at Old Trafford as he watched Ronaldo break FIFA’s all-time scoring record and net a game-winning hat trick vs. Tottenham. After the game Brady and Ronaldo had a brief meetup on the field. The second clip has the all-important question from Ronaldo.

What Did Ronaldo Say To Tom Brady?

“You’re finished right?” was a simple question from Ronaldo, yet he got an answer/no answer that any journalist would crave to receive. Perhaps CR7 has a career in journalism after he steps off the field.

The day after Ronaldo and Brady’s conversation the 44-year-old announced that he would play another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Unless Brady says so himself, it’s impossible to determine how much of an impact Ronaldo had on Brady’s decision to come out of retirement. 

Due to the fact The18 is an American soccer website I think we’re legally required to claim that Ronaldo 100% influenced Brady to come out of retirement. When you witness something as glorious as a hat trick at Old Trafford how can you not want to continue playing?

Ronaldo said he shared “ideas and thoughts” with Brady. We’re sure that one of those was un-retiring. If only one of those ideas was saving Manchester United from being eliminated from the Champions League.

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