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Wenger Watch: Who Are You And What Have Your Done With Arsenal?

After a scrappy, convincing win over Brighton & Hove Albion Sunday, we've been forced to confront a troubling idea. Arsenal have been acting awfully strange lately, grinding out wins against lesser teams instead of comically imploding. This is not what we signed up for.

We signed up for an Arsenal that's liable to do anything at any time for any reason, or no reason. And for the first few weeks of the season, that's what we got. Since the first international break, though, Arsenal have been acting sort of normal. 

Clearly something has gone wrong in North London. Is this the real Arsenal? Of course it isn't! Where is Scotland Yard on this? Where is the investigation? Get me Sherlock Holmes!

Meanwhile, while we look into what has transpired at the Emirates, the Wenger-O-Meter has been moved closer to IN. Congratulations to Arsene, if this is indeed the real Arsene, which, who knows.



Did the lads on Arsenal Fan TV finally snap and kidnap all the Arsenal players, replacing them with football clones like in that one Nike commercial? Is Piers Morgan involved somehow? You're right, there's no way Piers could pull this off.

We started this Wenger Watch thing because of Arsenal's reputation for wild insane swings, and now it appears the Gunners have gotten into the mood stabilizers. Let's hope this ends soon. I don't know how much more I can take.

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