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Soccer Writers Across U.S. Rejoice At No Longer Having To Wake Up At 2 To Cover Games; Here’s What It Was Like

A single tear of joy trickled out of my eye Friday morning when the news appeared on my phone that Canada defeated Sweden to win the gold medal in women’s soccer. I wasn’t crying for the maple syrup queens; I was overwhelmed with happiness knowing I wouldn’t have to cover games in the middle of the night anymore.

The18 made a commitment to bring our audience timely news on the USWNT’s performance in the Olympic whether they really liked the story or felt rather morose. Either way we were going to get you those stories and live Twitter updates.

The past two weeks felt like two years. I want you to imagine yourself all snuggled up in bed sound asleep. Then, as the clock strikes 1:30 a.m., your ears are greeted with this pleasant sound.

I have PTSD hearing that noise. It would appear The18’s writers feel the same. Here were some of the top quotes over the past two weeks. The messages are not in order and spread across the entire tournament. They do have the time they were sent attached to them.

Quotes From The18 Writing Staff

1:59 a.m. “I'm so f*cking done waking up at 2 in the morning. Let's just get this bronze and call it a day.”

3:56 a.m. “Vlatko out.”

7:49 a.m. “I'm also going to be late for work lol.”

7:59 a.m. “Any headline suggestions? I got: Born On 4/20, Alyssa Naeher Was Designed To Smoke The Dutch.”

5:31 a.m. “Woke up to the U.S. scoring so clearly something is going right.”

3:19 a.m. “Halftime means 15-minute nap time.”

3:42 a.m. “My cat is very confused as to why I'm up at this hour but very happy to take advantage for extra pets.”

3:43 a.m. “My cat threw up everywhere and I didn't see it in the dark and stepped in it.”

4:03 a.m. “pain”

As you can tell we had a great time covering the USWNT compete at the Olympics. My responsibility during the Games was manning The18’s Twitter account. To finish up this article I’d like to take another look at some of my best tweets from each game.

USWNT vs. Sweden

USWNT vs. New Zealand

USWNT vs. Australia

USWNT vs. Netherlands

USWNT vs. Canada

USWNT vs. Australia (Bronze Medal)

Let’s have some fun doing this again in Qatar next winter, right USMNT?

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