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U.S. Open Champ Celebrated In A Way Only FIFA Fans Will Understand

Daniil Medvedev claimed his first major singles title on Sunday, denying Novak Djokovic of a calendar grand slam to win the U.S. Open. What followed was a celebration only FIFA fans will understand.

After dropping Djokovic in straight sets, Medvedev dropped to the court, a move instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played FIFA in the last five years.

In case you’re one of those people who don’t play FIFA religiously, Medvedev pulled off the “dead fish” or “brick fall” celebration that’s one of the most popular in FIFA. 

Medvedev didn’t quite pull off the celebration as well as his three-set victory over Djokovic, wisely deciding to fall more like a pillow than a brick onto the hard surface at Arthur Ashe Stadium. He then had to explain to the clueless crowd what that celebration was, though I think he still left most of the audience confused.


“L2 + Left” is the command required to do the dead fish celebration in FIFA. Here’s what it looks like in the game. 

As FIFA celebrations go, it’s fairly tame and mostly funny. It’s not quite as aggravating as some others, as shown below. I, of course, never use celebrations in online play, because I’m better than that.

Finally, here’s the most clickbaity thumbnail I’ve ever seen, and we at The18 have seen a lot of absurd thumbnails over the years.

US Open FIFA Celebration

Don’t reward stupid shit like that with a click. Unless it’s from The18, in which case you should definitely click everything we produce.

Hopefully by next year’s Australian Open, Djokovic responds with a well-timed Muevelo.

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