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This Bicycle Kick Assist From Norwich City’s Todd Cantwell Is Art

With one swift kick and a mighty finish, Norwich City has us ready for the Premier League to kick off already. Even though fans have had plenty of international soccer to enjoy recently, the August 13 start date of the EPL could not come any sooner. 

This incredible Todd Cantwell assist was set up after the midfielder received a pass shortly after making his way into the 18 (eyy). With a defender pressing him from behind, in two quick taps and a moment of sheer brilliance, he launched the ball over his body with a bicycle kick and across the goal for a near-perfect one-timer. 

With just one absolutely stunning assist, the young Norwich lad has added to the heavy anticipation of the EPL, and he's even given some Canarie fans hope. If we're already seeing this kind of play from Norwich in a pre-season friendly, I have extremely high expectations for this upcoming season.  

Even though it came in a preseason friendly, you just have to sit back and enjoy the impeccable display. Norwich and Cantwell will look to battle against relegation this year in the EPL after winning the EFL Championship last season.

With so many new transfer signings at bigger clubs, smaller clubs showing promise out on the pitch and fans finally being allowed back in the stands, this 2021-22 season is building up to be something special. 

If it's anything along the lines of this spectacular play, we'll be in for a show. Just look at it from this angle one more time — the lad has eyes in the back of his head.

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