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The top 10 most expensive soccer trophies in the world and their values

World soccer’s trophies are worth dozens of 90 minute matches featuring blood, sweat, tears and a few million dollars.

Every other day we sit on the couch, turn on the TV and watch 22 men run around a field looking to come out on top and turn out victorious at the final whistle. It’s a simple cycle that turns for weeks, months and sometimes even years. 

However, teams, coaches and sometimes even fans’ efforts toward the beautiful game would not be the same without the most sought for reward at the end of a season: trophies.

Trophies are the cherry-on-top to proclaiming yourself as the best of a tournament, often signifying a victory more than the victory itself. It’s the staple to being a winner, and a winner, according to the value of many of the most famous competitions in the world of soccer, is worth thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

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In celebration of the game's trophies and cups, we list you the top 10 most valuable and expensive trophies in the world of soccer — ranked.

Top 10 most valuable trophies in soccer

10. UEFA Champions League trophy - $15,000

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The most important club competition in the world.

The UEFA Champions League, previously known as the European Cup, awards the winner of their world-renowned competition with a cup the size of its significance.

'La Orejona,' or 'Ol' Big Ears' due to its large handles resembling human ears, holds a value of $15,000 and has been awarded to the champion since 1967.

9. Bundesliga Meisterschale trophy - $57,000

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The Bundesliga shield makes the top 10.

Unlike the insanely cheap NWSL Supporters’ Shield, the German’s first-flight trophy’s value of $57,000 makes it is one of the most expensive in the world. 

The silver shield, created in Kölner Werkschulen by the renowned art professor Elisabeth Treskow, holds the names of all German league winners since 1903, with engraving space for the next winners until 2027.

8. Serie A Trophy trophy - $66,000

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Italy doesn’t play with their trophies.

Serie A’s funnel-like golden trophy, often referred to as the “Scudetto,” or little shield, is one of the most famous trophies in European soccer, maintaining a value of $66,000.

The trophy also holds the name of all league-winners since 1960, weighing close to 18 lbs.

7. African Cup of Nations trophy - $150,000

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Africa’s most prized competition possession.

The international tournament, played every two years, rewards the best nation in their continent with a trophy worth over $150,000.

The current trophy is the tournament’s third iteration since its inauguration in 1957.

6. UEFA Super Cup trophy - $470,000

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Two European champions battle it out for a trophy worth their status.

The UEFA Super Cup trophy, which is a trophy disputed between the UEFA Champions League and Europa League winner, has a value of $470,000.

The trophy is made of silver, with marble base, holding the names of all previous winners since 1973.

5. LaLiga trophy - $600,000

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España rewards their winners well.

The league trophy shared by the three Spanish giants — Real Madrid, Barcelona and Átletico Madrid — is worth over half a million dollars.

The $600,000 cup is made of sterling silver and has been the league’s trophy since 1928.

4. FA Cup trophy - $1.18 million

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The oldest national soccer competition in the history of the game.

The domestic competition is one of the most important trophies to win for English clubs, stapling that same importance into its value of over $1 million.

Also made of sterling silver, the FA Cup trophy was created to symbolize triumph and prestige since 1871.

3. UEFA Europa League trophy - $4.5 million

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Yes, the Europa League trophy is more valuable than the Champions League.

The Europa League trophy is the most valuable and heaviest trophy awarded in Europe.

The trophy stands at 33 pounds, with a value of over $4.5 million.

2. Copa Libertadores trophy - $8.5 million

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Fútbol is far from modest in their trophy’s values.

The Copa Libertadores is the most sought after competition in South America, rewarding continental greatness with a trophy value of the same grand status.

The trophy holds a value of $8.5 million, made of sterling silver, bronze and hardwood, engraved with every tournament winner name since 1960.

What is the most expensive trophy in the world?

1. FIFA World Cup trophy - $20 million

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The world’s trophy. The cup of eternal glory. The World Cup — the most valuable reward to winning.

The World Cup is arguably the most famous tournament and trophy in the world of sports, holding an extraordinary value of over $20 million.

Created in 1974 in replacement of the previous trophy silhouette of the Jules Rimet Trophy, the now highly-renowned trophy is made of semi-precious malachite and 18-carat gold, showing the figure of two humans holding up the Earth.

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