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Viral clip of Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson discussing Pelé’s legacy: ‘He up there with Muhammad Ali’

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé is expected to pass away soon. His family gathered around him at the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo earlier this week as he struggles with his battle against cancer. 

Doctors from the hospital said that Pelé’s cancer had advanced and that he’s under “elevated care” related to “kidney and cardiac dysfunctions.” 

As the soccer and football world remembers the Brazilian legend's greatness, a clip of Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg talking about Pelé has resurfaced.

The podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” sees the former professional boxer bring on celebrity guests. In Episode 22 with Snoop Dogg posted in April 2019, the two icons took a moment to talk about Pelé.

Snoop Dogg Talking About Pelé

As you can probably tell, the pair are extraordinarily high. Their conversation about Pelé took place 43 minutes into the podcast. Snoop Dogg claims that Pelé invented the “helicopter kick” which Tyson then calls the “football kick.”

While at first it seems like the two are just talking nonsense, Snoop Dogg then goes on a minute long monologue about Pelé that is worth the listen.

Two legends discussing another legend. What’s not to love?

Tyson wasn’t too far off when he suggested that Pelé had “done things no one had ever seen before.” Another viral clip posted recently showed that a large amount of the tricks and skills performed by players today originated from Pelé.

Pelé’s legacy and name needs no introduction. What a player.

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