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Neymusico Is Here, And It’s An Early Front-Runner For Song Of The Year

“To play, all I need is audacity, happiness and to be with my friends, that’s all.” So croons Neymar on his debut single from the eagerly anticipated #Neymusico. Part soul bearing confession, part brooding acoustic melody, Neymar’s #Neymusico is the best thing I’ve heard since The Beatles released Abbey Road. 

In fact, it reminds me a lot of The Beatles — it’s like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr got together and made a love baby, named that baby Neymar and sat him in front of a piano.

This baby can play.

It's a 45-second odyssey of live instrumentation that causes the listener to disband from their worries and transport themselves to a world of "audacity, happiness and...friends". 

Neymar’s voice is a brilliant mixture of Ray Charles and Adele, he plays the piano like Ludwig van Beethoven and he harmonizes like the Trinity College Choir, Cambridge. 


Plus, he’s got the look. We’ve lost the pioneering power of both David Bowie and Prince recently, but we’ve gained something exceptional in #Neymusico. Who else would bleach their hair blonde? Pretty much everybody recently, you say? Oh.

What about the t-shirt? The collar isn’t round or a v-neck, it’s a square neck like the clothes that lego people wear. That’s innovation — that’s how you become a cultural icon.

Barcelona fans are rightly worried that Neymar’s music career will sweep him away from football. Their only hope is that Neymar’s music career replicates that of The Sex Pistols — the English punk rock band that released just one studio album while being considered one of the most influential acts in the history of music.

Neymar's only released a snippet of one song, but he's probably eclipsed The Sex Pistols already. I've already deleted my entire iTunes library and replaced it with one song and one song only: Neymusico. 

You should do the same.

The18 Rating: 6/5

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