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Watch: Player in Portuguese lower tier receives the super rare white card

A player in Portugal’s fifth tier can make a claim that almost no other player in the world can. He received a white card from the referee.

During a game between União Montemor and Alcaçovense it looked as if the forward was destined to score a goal.

A long ball from the União Montemor goalkeeper was headed toward goal, however it was easily intercepted by an Alcaçovense defender.

Disaster struck when the defender on the ball went down with an injury meaning the União Montemor forward had a free look at goal.

Rather than taking the easy goal, the forward did this.

Portuguese player receives white card from referee

Portugal introduced the new card color this year and it’s meant to be given as a sign of fair play. The forward’s decision to not take advantage of the defender getting injured earned him the white card.

At first it looked like the referee had given him a yellow, but trust us, it was white.

Portugal is the only country that has this rule. The first time the white card made an appearance was in January when the medical staffs of Sporting and Benfica’s women’s teams aided a fan. The referee showed the card to both staffs.

The white card doesn't actually do anything in terms of tiebreakers or reducing yellow cards. The new card is simply a sign of respect and spotlights moments of fair play.

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