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Portsmouth Supporters’ Hilarious Chant Is Proof American Fans Will Never Be Equal To British Fans

A video of English soccer fans chanting during a League One match has gone viral. Portsmouth fans didn’t have much to cheer about as they watched their side fall 4-0 to Ipswich Town on Tuesday. The Portsmouth fans’ chant during the game was clearly the highlight of the match.

To brighten the mood, the Portsmouth fans kept vocal note on if their team had the ball or if they lost the ball. Add a drum and a couple hundred English voices and you have yourself a legendary video.

If you can’t make out what they’re saying, the Portsmouth fans' chant either goes “we’ve got the ball” or “we’ve lost the ball.” It’s not clear how long the chant lasted, but if the Portsmouth fans did this for more than 10 minutes I would be impressed.

The best part of the video is the last two seconds when the camera pans over to the fans and one distraught looking guy can be seen getting a pat on the shoulder. He definitely wasn’t in the mood to do the chant.

This guy looks DISTRAUGHT.

The Portsmouth fans’ chant will be coming to a “Funniest Soccer Chants” compilation on a YouTube link near you.

I’d rank this latest chant somewhere between “let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal” and “we lose every week.”

American sports culture just doesn’t have this same sort of energy and creativity. The crowning achievement of U.S. sports chants is the “I believe that we will win” garbage. College football has some solid traditions, but I’m not sure us Americans will ever reach the level of English soccer fans.

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