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NWSL players in disbelief over how bad some of their FIFA 23 characters look

The National Women’s Soccer League getting added to EA Sports’ FIFA video game series felt too good to be true. The long overdue addition of the American league to the game took place on March 15. 

It’s been a week since the update and players aren’t thrilled about how poorly they look in the game. Several players have taken to Twitter to show off just how bad the animations turned out.

The issues range from some player appearing much whiter in the game than in real life to being bald. Yikes EA.

Players react to their NWSL FIFA players

Sydney Leroux

EA Sports owes Leroux an apology for her character because good lord they weren’t even close. The Angel City forward even pointed out how in FIFA 16 she looked just fine in the game on the USWNT.

How did the animation get so much worse SEVEN YEARS later?

Leroux poked fun at the debacle by changing her Twitter profile picture to her character.

Madison Hammond

Embed from Getty Images

This might be one of the worst ones EA.

Jessica Fishlock

Embed from Getty Images

This one looks like they just recycled Erling Haaland’s face a couple times and called it a day.

Caprice Dydasco

Kailen Sheridan 

Janine Beckie

Sarah Gorden

Jessica McDonald

Unless you’re one of the big stars in soccer regardless of gender, there’s a solid chance that FIFA will butcher your face. It’s just a shame the renderings for the NWSL came out THIS bad.

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