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What Is Pep Guardiola Yelling About In This Video?

There are generally two ways to celebrate an amazingly great thing happening in one's life.

The first way is a celebration that is wild but contained enough to retain the appearance of responsible adulthood. This is generally reserved for adult-type happy occasions such as engagements, weddings, promotions, raises, job offers, grad school acceptances, etc.

The second is this:

Jonah Hill

This is how Pep Guardiola celebrated when Manchester City beat Chelsea.

Manchester City have already wrapped the title up in all but name, and didn't need to beat Chelsea for that to still be the case. Pep celebrated like a wild man anyway because why not? Here are some other situations in which Pep's celebration would have been acceptable and even good and cool:

He is going on a roller coaster for the first time.

He won the lottery.

Prince came back from the dead (not the hologram, the real one) and is playing a concert in his back yard.

He just won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the Galapagos Islands in a radio contest.

He is a small child and just found out he gets to meet Messi.

He saw that Liverpool played a back three with Emre Can and Georginio Wijnaldum earlier this season.

He beat Kevin de Bruyne at FIFA 18.

He saw the episode of The Office when Jim and Pam finally get together.

He saw the part of the new Star Wars movie when Luke winks at Kylo Ren and says "see you around, kid."

He sent the "u up?" text and the three dots popped up.

He saw the part in Black Panther when Michael B. Jordan takes his shirt off.

He looked in his bank account and saw his check had been deposited early.

He was on a date and he didn't know if his card would clear but it cleared.

After the date, the person he was with invited him back to their place for a "nightcap."

He got retweeted by Barack Obama.

He found out the "new hire" at work he had been "showing the ropes" was actually his boss in an undercover capacity, and now he's getting a raise.

He found out Batman and Bruce Wayne are actually the same person.

He saw the booty.

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