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Paramount+ Now Offers Exclusive Screening Of A Pinwheel Loading Screen And Error Message!

If you were able to watch the Champions League on Paramount+ on Tuesday without interruptions, then you were one of the lucky ones. If you’re like me, you were stuck looking up “Paramount plus down” or “Paramount plus Champions League down.” 

The first half went smoothly for me. I watched a bit of the Transnistria underdogs Sheriff and then hopped over to watch Ajax and Dortmund. Everything went wrong when I heard that Sheriff equalized against Inter Milan seven minutes into the second half. When I tried to switch games, I was greeted with this.

This would have never happened on Fox Sports.

If you also played the fun game of “get Paramount+ to work” then you might have discovered an awesome easter egg. Did you know that if you wait long enough on the loading pinwheel screen you’ll get taken to a different screen? Check it out!

WOW! Easter egg!!!

On mobile phones Paramount+ was even more dramatic and gave users a "Fatal Error" message.

After 20 minutes of watching a pinwheel spin there was finally a breakthrough. This massive leap forward was a frozen screen of Edmund Addo getting substituted out in the 75th minute with the score now 3-1 for Inter. Several more minutes passed before the streams finally returned. 

In total my Paramount+ stream was down for around 25 minutes. This was plenty of time for users of the service to speak their mind on Twitter.

Reaction To Paramount+ Streams Going Down

I’d love to tell you more about Inter Milan’s 3-1 victory vs. Sheriff, but I’m unable to. Let’s watch the highlights together, shall we? This will be my first time seeing most of this footage.

I did watch this Edin Dzeko goal happen live, what a volley.

Holy smokes Sebastian Thill! He’s the Luxembourg legend that scored Sheriff’s game-winner against Real Madrid. Wish I could have seen this free kick.

Welp, those are the only highlights that the geniuses at Paramount+ tweeted. I want my $5 for the month of October back as this subscription service produces another horrendous performance.

If this same stream crash happens during a USMNT game, then we riot.

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