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Nottingham Forest-Wolves League Cup shootout was full of mockery and shithousery

Nottingham Forest and Wolverhampton’s League Cup quarterfinal, in terms of entertainment, exceeded expectations Wednesday night.

The match was a classic game of English soccer: cold and rainy but with a great atmosphere nonetheless. Wolves (with the goalscoring return of Raúl Jiménez) and Forest both managed to get on the scoreboard, but the game stood level at 1-1 after extra time so a winner had to be determined from the spot.

"Who won?" you might ask — the people who got to witness the absurd shithousery and mock celebrations.

Nottingham Forest vs. Wolves penalty shootout celebrations

When the shootout was level at 2-2, former Wolves player and record-breaking Nottingham Forest signing Morgan Gibbs-White scored his penalty and decided to celebrate by responding to the away fans who were not giving him such a warm reception.

Morgan cannot hear them over the millions he's now paid.

Following Gibbs-White’s penalty, latest Wolves signing Matheus Cunha stepped up, scored and celebrated the same way that Gibbs-White did.

Good job winning the fans over, Matheus.

After Cunha’s penalty, Jack Colback (Forest) walked to the spot and shot his penalty straight down the middle to beat José Sa and make the score 4-3. The celebration? Well, it’s just obvious at this point.

Sunday league vibes in the Carabao Cup.

To decide the shootout, Wolves youngster Joe Hodge stepped up but was too inexperienced to beat the great Dean Henderson. The England and former Manchester United keeper saved the penalty and put Forest through to the semifinals.

The end of the game also saw emotions running high as Wolves, frustrated with the result, reproached Forest’s celebrations and ignited a brawl in the middle of the pitch. Forest were just too happy and eager to celebrate the victory.

Things we love (and hate) to see.

This mini-rivalry will definitely have more to offer in the future, especially when they face each other in the Premier League on April 1. We'll see who the biggest fool is then.

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