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Watch: Full Nigerian team celebrates goal by doing Ronaldo's 'SIUUU' celebration

Nigeria’s Enugu Rangers are the latest team to interpret the most famous celebration in the world, and they’ve done so in the most amazing way possible.

Nigeria's Enugu Rangers full squad and manager hit the Ronaldo “Siuuuu” celebration

During Sunday’s Nigeria Professional Soccer League’s (NPSL) match between Remo Stars and Enugu Rangers, a wonderful strike opened the scoring, followed by a full team gathering to celebrate the goal, which turned into perhaps one of the most wholesome and awesome celebrations we’ve seen this year. All influenced by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the 8th minute of the match held at the Remo Star Stadium, a beautifully placed strike by Kazeem Ogunleye opened the scoring for Rangers and put the away side ahead in the opening minutes of the game. Martin Ødegaard-esque, might I add.

The goal had Ogunleye running toward the corner flag, challenging the home fans while hitting the “can’t hear you” celebration with both hands pointing to his ears. The No. 39 youngster is ballsy.

Though, cold celebrations and all, his teammates had other plans in mind when it came to celebrating the 18-year-old’s opening banger.

Immediately after the goal, Enugu Rangers players on the pitch felt Ogunleye’s goal was the perfect opportunity to invite all players and staff from the bench to follow them into the corner flag for an epic celebration — the Cristiano Ronaldo "Siuuuuuu.”

Even the manager — blazer, tie, slacks and all — was in on the celebration. Epic indeed.

Nothing seemed to ruin this wholesome team moment… aside from perhaps losing to a comeback.

Unfortunately for the Rangers and their celebration, they ended up losing the game after the Remo Stars came back with two goals in 20 minutes to seal their away loss.

Can’t have everything.

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