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Pulisic’s Pretty Face Will Grace Everyone’s Screens When They Watch Newest Intro For Champions League

The new Champions League intro video has been released and USMNT fans will be happy to know Christian Pulisic made the final cut. Pulisic’s grand cameo comes in at the end of the video with the Chelsea trophy lift.

If you couldn’t spot Pulisic, here’s a little helping guide as to where our American hero is.

A wild Pulisic has appeared.

It’s worth noting that Pulisic is wearing the gray USMNT hoodie around his neck in the video.

No other Americans made the cut for the Champions League intro video. It’s a shame Weston McKennie’s superb scissor-kick at Camp Nou wasn’t featured in the video. UEFA had a clear agenda to try to avoid having any of the Super League teams on screen.

The three teams that haven’t pulled out of the Super League — Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus — were all shunned from the intro. Here’s the list of the Super League teams and if they made the cut or not.

  • Barcelona: No
  • Real Madrid: No
  • Atlético Madrid: Yes
  • Juventus: No
  • Inter Milan: No
  • AC Milan: No
  • Chelsea: Yes (Defending champions, kind of had to include Chelsea.)
  • Manchester City: Yes
  • Manchester United: No
  • Liverpool: No
  • Tottenham: Too busy competing in the Europa Conference League
  • Arsenal: LOL

Tough break for the Super League teams. 

The UEFA Champions League group stage draw will be held on Aug. 26. The group stage will begin on Sept. 14.

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