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Is This Guy The Biggest Fair-Weather Fan Ever?

All it took was one kick for this guy to switch allegiances.

We may have done it — we may have found the biggest fair-weather football fan on the planet. All it took was one incredible kick of the ball. 

Football fans typically pride themselves in devoting themselves to a team. Normally fans will support two teams: their local club and their national team. Americans might add a European team as well, but typically the most dedicated fans focus on one or two teams. 

Then there’s this guy, Moe. 

Fair-Weather Football Fan

Is this the most fair-weather football fan? Photo: @the_m0e9h | Instagram

Aside from loving to post pictures of him working on his sizable guns to Instagram, Moe appears to be a Juventus fan. He sported a Paulo Dybala jersey while filming himself watching the Champions League quarterfinal between the Old Lady and Real Madrid. (We’ll just ignore the question of why someone films himself watching a match.)

Moe being Moe, he posted the video of him watching the Real Madrid-Juventus match from Tuesday (you know, the one where Cristiano Ronaldo did a bike). At the start he’s stressing out over Ronaldo scoring early and Juventus unable to equalize.

Then, he did the unthinkable for any self-respecting football fan. Just watch.

A post shared by Moe H (@the_m0e9h) on

In the middle of the match he rips off his Juventus kit to expose a Ronaldo jersey underneath, immediately does the Ronaldo “Si” pose and tosses Dybala’s shirt away. 

Is this acceptable behavior? We don’t want to tell anyone how to enjoy their hobby, but this seems to go against all that is sacred in football fandom. 

Further exploration of Moe’s Instagram page, past all the gym photos, gorgeous European vistas and one cute snail we find this bloke claims to be a Real Madrid fan. While this could be his saving grace for posting the above video, we find this out because he attended a Barcelona match and called himself a traitor for a day

But what’s more, the Barcelona match was against Juventus, meaning he has now gone against Juventus twice on his Instagram page, despite initially wearing a Bianconeri kit. Scroll down further and he’s seen posing in kits from Arsenal and Chelsea as well. 

Moe, we’re getting confused. We’re not saying you can’t support multiple teams, but how can you go from fretting over every little Juventus moment after being a “Real Madrid fan” who goes to Barcelona matches to root against Juventus? 

We’re just going to go ahead and call you the most fair-weather football fan. That’s not necessarily an insult, but it kind of is.

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