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Is This The Most Cristiano Ronaldo Quote Of All Time?

Cristiano Ronaldo has long since transcended being a simple football player. His dominance on the pitch is matched only by his character off it, shilling everything from fleece blankets to camo underwear

This was made abundantly clear in the life goals he set for himself, according to a recent interview with L’Equipe.

“I want seven children and as many Ballon d’Or,” Ronaldo said.

Has there ever been a more CR7 quote? Full of pomp, bombast and supreme confidence, Ronaldo wants both progeny and Ballon d’Or to match his jersey number. 

Ronaldo currently has four Ballon d’Or awards and four children. He could win a fifth Ballon d’Or for 2017, although he should probably start scoring some goals this season. Ronaldo had his fourth child earlier this month, impressively his third of the year. 

Cristiano Ronaldo quote

Ronaldo and his golden balls. Photo: @demarkesports | Twitter

It’s not out of the question for Ronaldo to accomplish both of his goals, though the Ballon d’Or mark might be harder to reach. Ronaldo won the honor in 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2016 and is among the favorites for 2017 after helping Real Madrid to another Champions League title. Lionel Messi (not to mention Neymar and Christian Pulisic) will have something to say about that in the years to come. At 32, he’s lost a step or two, but he has the finishing ability to maintain a high scoring record for years to come, not to mention his incredible training regimen to stay healthy. 

That training regimen will help him with his second task: producing seven children. The Portuguese star has produced four children so far with three different birthing mothers. The identity of the mother to his first son, Ronaldo Jr., has never been made public. This summer, he welcomed baby twins Mateo and Eva to the world via a surrogate. And just this November, Alana Martina was born to Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. 

Cristiano Ronaldo quote

Proud papa. Photo: @RMadridEdition | Twitter

As a male, reproducing will not be much of a problem as Ronaldo ages, so he has plenty of time to create three more children, whether with his current girlfriend, through a surrogate or through some random side chick (I’d volunteer but I don’t quite have the right organs). Unfortunately, while there is plenty of folklore and myth about the seventh son of a seventh son (and a badass Iron Maiden song), the fact Ronaldo has had two baby girls ruins his chances at creating some sort of super hero.

The Ballon d’Or target, though, won’t be easy. But at this point it’d be hard to bet against Ronaldo. He scores when he wants, on and off the pitch.

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