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Meaningless friendly emphasizes how Messi and Ronaldo should never be allowed to retire

The lasting feeling from Thursday's 5-4 friendly between PSG and a Riyadh All-Star XI in Saudi Arabia is that Cristiano Ronaldo, on the verge of his 38th birthday, and Lionel Messi, 35, could play forever. Neymar, 30, looks like he's got a year or two left in him.

It was Ronaldo who scored Riyadh's first two goals while Messi opened the scoring for PSG in the third-minute. Both provided moments of dazzling skill, much to the delight of the businessman who paid $2.66 million for a single ticket.

Messi opens the scoring off Neymar's pass

Ronaldo snatches a soul with a nutmeg

Ronaldo earns and converts a penaldo after getting punched in the face by former teammate Keylor Navas

Ronaldo hits the post, former teammate Sergio Ramos whiffs the clearance and Ronaldo has a brace

Riyadh All-Star's Argentine manager Marcelo Gallardo thanks Messi for all the good times 

We know Ronaldo's contracted at Al-Nassr through 2025 and that Messi's on the verge of extending his PSG contract to 2024, but I think we should introduce a new rule into the Laws of the Game stipulating how they're never allowed to retire.

Maybe open up a stadium at Walt Disney World that has Messi and Ronaldo on opposing sides for all time — you could call the ride "GOAT vs. GOAT." 

Disney World goers would purchase tickets to the ride, wait in line until it's their turn to join the fray, get five minutes of game time and then get replaced. Then we could all tell our grandchildren about how we played in a match with Messi and Ronaldo, and maybe our grandchildren would get that same opportunity down the road.

The never ending match could be streamed on Twitch 24/7.

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