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The 20 Stages Of Game Day For Every Youth Soccer Parent

When you sign your kid up for youth soccer, you should know that you're signing yourself up as well. Your nights will now include driving to and from practice and your weekends will be booked with various games and tournaments. You may be confused at the beginning of the season, but after a few weeks, you'll quickly understand why the sacrifices you have to make are worth it.

These are the many stages every parent experiences as they watch their kid play youth soccer. Enjoy it, cherish it and appreciate it because one day your kids will grow up and you’ll miss it. 

Your alarm goes off earlier on the weekend than it does on a weekday

Who thought 8 AM games were a good idea?

You spend wayyyy too much time looking for that missing cleat

Inner monologue: "If I were my child, where would I store a single cleat?"

And then you waste more time waiting for the shin guard process...

10 minutes later...still no progress...


You rush to the field and make it with a few minutes to spare

"Please no traffic, please no traffic."

You try to join your squad on the sidelines...but you don't have the best seat in the house

Well this is awkward...

You tell yourself that you will focus and watch 100% of the game

My ears are open and my eyes are peeled.

But you quickly lose interest when a kid scores on their own goal

"Crap, not again..."


You socialize with the surrounding parents whether you want to or not

"Call me, tweet me, if you want to reach me."

You lose it every time your kid scores

"THAT'S MY KID!!!!!! I taught them everything they know."

You sneak away at halftime to buy donuts and coffee

Coffee makes the world go round.

You laugh at the parents who are completely lost by what's going on during the game

No, that wasn't offside.

You sit back and wonder if your kid's coach knows what they're doing

"Hmmm...better them than me."

But you would rather have a clueless coach than a mean coach

You don't get points for making the team cry.

You make sure to sit far away from the crazy parent who won't stop screaming, yelling and cursing

Please settle down and take it down a notch.


You can always spot the star player who is 100x better than everyone, and making your kid look bad

"Oh, they're just a ball hog!"

You find yourself screaming with other parents every time your team crosses midfield


You hug your kid at the end of the game regardless of the outcome

I'm so proud of you.

Your kid's team rocks so most games end with a parent tunnel
soccer parent tunnel
@daniellechezzy | Twitter

The ultimate soccer celebration. 

You celebrate your kid's win with the team at the local ice cream parlor

We all scream for ice cream.

And repeat

Without each other none of this would be possible. 

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