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Inter Miami hired bodyguard for Lionel Messi that always follows him even during games

The best defender in Major League Soccer isn’t one of the players, it’s the Lionel Messi bodyguard. If you want to see some of the best defense in your life, then you got to see this guy in action.

Messi is the biggest and most famous athlete playing in the United States and has already had a massive impact on MLS numbers and ticket prices. Inter Miami wisely hired a personal bodyguard for Messi.

Once you see him you won’t unsee him. This guy watches Messi like a hawk and makes sure no one lays a finger on Inter Miami’s star player.

Lionel Messi bodyguard

The bodyguard follows Messi during the games too. If you peak on the sidelines, you might catch him tracking the Argentine’s every movement.

When a fan ran onto the field during a Leagues Cup game to get a selfie with Messi the personal bodyguard was there to intervene before stadium security got there.

This guy doesn’t play around.

The identity and background of the man is unknown at the moment. We hope he’s getting paid handsomely as he’s doing a great job.

Sports Xtra put together a highlight reel of the Messi bodyguard and the guy doesn’t miss a beat. It’s a big task to protect the world’s best soccer player and it looks like Inter Miami found the right guy for the job.

Messi and his bodyguard will be back in action for the League Cup final in Nashville on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.

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