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Trick Your Kids Into Loving Soccer With This New LEGO FC Barcelona Set

For whatever reason, little kids don’t seem to be too enthused over the idea of watching 22 people chase around a ball, largely fruitlessly, for an hour and a half. They’re still into being carefree, happy and imaginative rather than screaming at Federico Fernández to “f***ing get rid!” every weekend. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

But one thing that unites all sons, daughters, nieces and nephews is their love for LEGO, and let’s be honest, that also unites all fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts. 

And now we can finally trick our beloved niños into loving soccer as well with LEGO teasing its latest release: the FC Barcelona Camp Nou set. 

This is the second soccer stadium from LEGO, following the Manchester United Old Trafford set last year. The Theater of Dreams — with its capacity of 74,140 — is a 3,898 piece creation that retails for $299.99.

LEGO Old Trafford

The Camp Nou — with its staggering capacity of 99,354 — will be a 5,500 piece set priced at $349.99 and released in October. It looks massive.

LEGO Camp Nou

LEGO Camp Nou

Included in the purchase is this promotional set of Barça supporters celebrating the lowering of the wage bill.

LEGO Barcelona

"Woohoo! We sold Riqui Puig for beans!"

The stadium is obviously a replica of its current state, with the long-discussed Espai Barça redevelopment project looking like a pipe dream. Barcelona doesn’t exactly have $800 million lying around.  

Also, this is just me on the LEGO website now, did you know you can build THE COLOSSEUM? Where was this during quarantine?

LEGO Colosseum

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