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The Internet Said Some Mean Things About Leeds United’s New Crest

Leeds United, nearing its 100-year anniversary, spent six months and consulted 10,000 people in designing a new club crest. The three-time champions of England, currently in the second-tier Championship, unveiled the logo on Wednesday with a proud Twitter proclamation. The reaction to the Leeds United crest was not kind. 

We all know the internet can be a wicked place. From Facebook trolls to presidential tweets, no one is safe. But sometimes wickedness hits just the right note. Such was the case for the reaction to the new Leeds United crest, which is just, well, see for yourself.

The fact there are more replies than likes or retweets gives the first glimpse into the temperament of the reaction to the Leeds United crest. Simply put: It was not kind. 

Almost immediately people began taking a collective dump on the shield, which, to be honest, is a pretty poorly designed piece of work. Aside from the Leeds United on top, it looks like a generic crest a team might be given in a video game as a placeholder. 

It didn’t take long for people to create new versions of the logo. Note this tweet has far more likes than the original Leeds United tweet. 

Donald Trump would be proud of this one. 

One fan cleaned it up a bit. 

Some decided it was too awful for one club to hog. 

Before the end of the day, Leeds United was reportedly looking at rethinking its new badge. Let's hope it doesn't take six more months to turn out something like this. 

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