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NFL Kicker Fears For Job After Watching Mbappé Nail FGs At Rams Stadium

Kylian Mbappé is in the middle of the American vacation most of us sports fans can only dream of. Fresh off of signing the agreement that shook the soccer world, Mbappé jetted off to New York City to catch the NBA draft last week. The Frenchman continued his American sports tour over the weekend in Los Angeles. After being spotted at the LAFC match against New York Red Bulls on Sunday, Mbappé took to the Los Angeles Rams practice field to try his talents at the other football with Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp. The Rams should officially be on the lookout, because what started as a casual kickabout turned into the Kylian Mbappé field goal clinic at SoFi Stadium. 

Kylian Mbappé Field Goal Puts NFL Kickers On Job Watch

In a video posted on the Los Angeles Rams' Twitter account, we see a smiling Mbappé line up a 30-yard field goal, which he promptly sends straight through the uprights. From 40 yards out, he also drills it. Not once, not twice, but three times in a row. 

PSG won’t be worried about their starboy pulling a hamstring. Watching the video, it looks like Mbappé isn’t even giving these kicks half of the juice he can. The distance is impressive, but it’s the technique that has me watching over and over again. Watching Mbappé strike a ball of any shape is just so satisfying. 

It looks like some NFL kickers took notice. Rams kicker Matt Gay knows he is probably out of luck if things at PSG don’t work out for Mbappé. 

NFL Kickers With A Secret Soccer Past 

It might not actually be all that surprising that a soccer background lends itself to kicking field goals. Matt Prater, who held the field goal distance record from 2013 until 2021, grew up playing soccer in Central Florida. Justin Tucker, who holds the current record, also played soccer until his sophomore year in high school. 

And never forget when Carli Lloyd did this. 

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