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Kanye West’s Rap Bar About Messi Was So Garbage Even I Created A Better Punchline

We need to talk about the Kanye West Messi lyric on his song “Off The Grid” from his new album, Donda. While it’s special to see one of the world’s largest artists nod at the planet’s most popular sport, the bar about Lionel Messi is subpar.

Before I continue, I would like to make it clear that I actually quite enjoy “Off The Grid.” My bone to pick is with this Messi lyric.

Kanye West Messi Lyric

Don’t try to test me, I keep it clean, but it can get messy
I talk to God every day, that’s my bestie
They playin’ soccer in my backyard, I think I see Messi

West lived at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a period of time to finish up his album. During his stay, Atlanta United hosted the Columbus Crew. So yes, in his backyard of Mercedes-Benz Stadium there was indeed soccer being played, however Messi was nowhere to be seen for Atlanta United’s fixture.

West has never been the biggest dabbler in the world of soccer, so how could he have thought of this brand-new revised bar for his song?

Revised Kanye West Messi Lyric (That Doesn't Feature Messi)

They playin’ soccer in my backyard, you know I’m poppin’ son
I go on for miles like my last name Robinson

This revised lyric includes a clever reference to USMNT and Atlanta United defender Miles Robinson, who actually plays soccer in Mr. West’s backyard of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Embed from Getty Images

Soccer references in American rap aren't common. One other line that comes to mind is Offset’s bar, “In the middle of the field like David Beckham” on the track "ZEZE."

Much like the league play, soccer rap innuendos are higher quality in England. Here are a few examples of U.K. artists producing some of the best soccer references in rap.

“Call me Stone Cold, girls call me stunner / Support Man U, but you know I’m a gunner” — MIST on “P110”

“Doing Giggs after games like his sister-in-law” — Kamakaze on “Warm Up Sessions”

“Champagne popper, .44 chopper in the black Nike bomber, heartbeat stopper / Half-heart MC dropper 45 wapper, leave you in states like Kaká” — Dave on “Thiago Silva”

These are only a few examples of soccer in rap.

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