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Jordan Henderson And Adam Lallana Are Very Good At Dad Jokes

On Father's Day, Vauxhall released a video of England/Liverpool teammates and best friends Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana competing at making dad jokes.

If you are unfamiliar with the"dad joke", it's basically any dumb joke that a dad would make, preferably to embarrass nearby children.

This video looks pretty cool, guys. Don't freeze to death.

A few notes: Adam Lallana is not a "master of 90 minutes on the pitch". Heis mastery is closer to the 60-65 minute range, then he has to be substituted. 

Henderson and Lallana are both dads in real life, so they probably made these jokes up themselves.

They should have competed in other dad activities, like seeing who can fit more stuff into a cooler or who can install shelves in the garage fastest and with the fewest injuries.


Dadcathlon events:

1. Jokes (above)

2. Who can fit more stuff in a cooler

3. Installing shelves, points for speed, lack of injuries and the shelves actually working.

4. Craft beer taste test.

5. Who can drive the farthest without having to make a stop?

6. Lawn-mowing.

7. Probably something with mulch.

8. Competitive DVR-ing.

9. Snowblowing.

10. Artistic home improvement projects. (To be scored by judges, like figure skating)

The "dribble all over the field" joke is the best of the bunch, it was wise to save that one for the end of the video.

You can tell there were multiple takes because Henderson and Lallana have both clearly been crying, presumably from laughing so hard.

We bet the video was only 1:52 because Henderson and Lallana left early to beat traffic.

New Balance should have made this video instead of Vauxhall, if we're being completely honest. Or Yeti.

They should have ended the video with Adam Lallana saying "I'm the winner" and Jordan Henderson answering "hi the winner, I'm Jordan". 

(H/T The Liverpool Offside)

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