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John Terry’s Incessant Promotion Of Monkey NFTs Has Landed Him In Trouble And I’m Thrilled

The John Terry NFT drama has overwhelmed my Twitter feed, and I’m close to reaching my breaking point. Apologies NFT bros and gals, but your non-fungible tokens mean nothing to me and I hate them. Chelsea, the Premier League and UEFA are also looking into Terry’s nonsense over copyright concerns.

What Exactly Is Terry Doing?

The Chelsea legend has teamed up with “Ape Kids Club” to promote these ridiculous-looking baby apes NFT’s. 

The site’s homepage has perhaps the dumbest background I’ve ever read. Try to read this without throwing up in your own mouth.

What are Ape Kids Club NFTs: “In a magical world where apes ruled the metaverse, a magical thousand-year-old tree sprouted cute baby apes. A flock of storks were the loyal companions of the thousand-year-old tree. One sunny day, a total of 9,999 baby apes were born. Storks followed their inner call and delivered all the baby apes. The families were so grateful and elated that they wanted even more baby apes. All were delivered and all lived a joyous life with their parents.”

If anyone has found the will to live, please let me know. I’ve been looking for ever since I read that last paragraph.

Terry has been tweeting variations of the baby ape NFTs to resemble former Chelsea teammates. I don’t know man, something about turning his black teammates into baby apes just doesn’t sit right. Players like Tammy Abraham, Willian, Reece James and Ashley Cole all seem to be on board though.

The replies to Terry's tweets are golden though.

Chelsea, EPL and UEFA Looking Into John Terry NFTs

Terry’s monkey business appears to be on a one-way trip to copyright issues as his former club and others are investigating the artwork. The NFTs have used the club’s logo along with the trophies from these competitions in the images.

Due to the NFTs being for-profit as modern-day trading cards, Terry could run into issues. UEFA released a statement saying it’s not taking this incident lightly.

“UEFA takes the protection of its intellectual property rights seriously and we are investigating this matter further," the statement read.

If you’re like me you couldn’t give a rat's ass about a stupid monkey picture, however with the big boys getting involved it will be interesting to see how leagues and clubs deal with the growing presence of NFTs.

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