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USMNT Star Jedi Robinson Blows Teammates’ Minds With Card Trick In Viral Video

American fans are discovering that USMNT left back Antonee "Jedi" Robinson has several talents beyond the field. His skill at left back is already known, a video of him playing piano surface in 2021 and now there’s a viral video of him blowing his Fulham teammates’ minds with a card trick.

Jedi Robinson Card Trick

The video already has more than four and a half million views on Twitter and millions more elsewhere. The story telling and execution is incredible.

Perhaps Robinson can use some of his magic to help Fulham avoid relegation in the Premier League for the 2022-23 season.

The card trick performed is called the 673 King Street trick and is done by setting up the cards a certain way and several other little tricks. The card trick also relies on the person performing it to remember the whole story in the right order. Jedi must’ve been working on this one all summer.

One funny thing about this trick is that instead of using the name “Jack” to tell the story Robinson uses “Jedi." For those out of the loop, in the last year Robinson announced that he would prefer people call him by his nickname “Jedi” due to his love for the Star Wars movies.

The name switch worked great for the card trick and now a small part of me wonders if the two situations are related or not.

For those who enjoy magic and card tricks feel free to stop reading this story now.

To all the Johnny Raincloud haters who don’t want to believe the Jedi Robinson card trick and doubt the American is actually magic, I will provide a video on how the trick is done.

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