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I Said Italy Were Favorites 3 Weeks Ago And Was Laughed At; Now It’s My Turn To Laugh Back

After watching Italy’s performance against Switzerland on June 16 I was sold. The Azzuri were going to win Euro 2020. This team was firing on all cylinders and looked one step ahead of all the other 23 teams in the tournament. Three weeks later this team is in the final.

Those damn Italians didn’t get there without giving me a heart attack first. Going into extra time against Austria wasn’t on the docket, nor was the penalty shootout against Spain. I was more nervous for extra time than I was for the shootout. Not to be THAT guy, but I could shoot penalties better than the Spanish national team.

Someone please check on Alvaro Morata. Got to feel for the guy. I was shocked to see him step up to take a penalty and was anything but to see him fail to convert.

I better not see an excessive amount of Morata slander online. If it wasn’t for him, Spain wouldn’t have even made it to extra time. This is how I’m about to look on my search to stomp out Morata haters online.

You fans better be nice.

Now for the main event: my revenge. I posted an article after Italy’s victory against Switzerland on June 16 claiming that the Azzuri were the favorites to win it all.

I knew I was on to something.

The wonderful people on the internet let me know how lousy my opinion was.

Little did they know...

Little did they know...

Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahaah. How foolish you all look now. To all of you France stans, I shall give you a taste of your own medicine.

I want my $100 Jeff Wolter.

In all seriousness though I greatly appreciate the comments. One of the great things about this sport is the differing opinions and debate. I always like to read and see what other people are thinking and don’t mind being called a moron from time to time. (I’m the same guy who only predicted three of the eight Round of 16 games correctly.)

One person might have predicted the future better than I did in terms of Italy winning it all. On the same day I posted the story of Italy being the favorites, someone posted a TikTok claiming to be a time traveler. The time traveler claimed that Italy will win Euro 2020 by defeating England in the final, 2-1

This mystery time traveler is scary accurate. We’ll see how true their prediction is in the coming week.

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