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It’s been 10 years since the video that started Ted Lasso — let’s watch one more time

The hit show “Ted Lasso” concluded its third and final season this week and has left fans with a gaping hole where Ted’s humor once sat. Without spoiling anything, most fans of the show were pleased with the happy ending but will find themselves longing for more.

Ted Lasso’s character isn’t new to American fans of the Premier League. The character played by Jason Sudeikis debuted on our screens all the way back in 2013 for a promotional Premier League on NBC video. Sudeikis played the familiar character of an American coach in London.

Rather than coaching the fictional AFC Richmond, Lasso and Coach Beard are put in charge of English powerhouse Tottenham. 

Crazy to think that a goofy commercial from a decade ago would morph into one of TV’s greatest shows. The first season received 20 Emmy nominations winning seven including Outstanding Comedy Series. “Ted Lasso” defended that title at the next year’s Emmys and was nominated for 20 awards again.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch the video that started it all.

How did Ted Lasso start?

Several jokes from the four-minute Premier League promotion are used in the show like Ted not understanding offside or thinking a wanker is being someone who likes to be alone with their thoughts.

If you hadn’t seen that clip before then we have good news. There’s a part two.

And bonus footage.

In 2015 Sudeikis’ now ex-wife Olivia Wilde told him that he should revisit the Lasso character. Four years after that the series was commissioned and the rest is history.

Sudeikis has already said that there won’t be a fourth season of the show. Perhaps we’ll see some spinoffs or other Ted Lasso cameos in the soccer world, but as things stand the show has run its course.

What a show it was. From a humorous ad campaign to one of the funniest and most heart-warming comedies to ever bless our screens.

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