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The Fake Hamstring Injury Twerk Dance Is Becoming The Next Big Goal Celebration

NWSL forward Lo’eau LaBonta went viral over the weekend for her goal celebration. The Kansas City Current star feigned a hamstring injury before she started twerking. Four days later, the hamstring injury twerk celebration was spotted again, this time in the Carabao Cup between Fulham and Crawley Town.

Fourth-tier Crawley Town pulled off quite the Cupset as it knocked off Premier League side Fulham 2-0 on Tuesday. Fulham sits seventh in the Premier League table after three games while Crawley Town sits second to last in EFL League Two with one point from five games.

Despite Crawley Town’s woes, forward Tom Nichols is here for a good time not a long time. After scoring the game’s opening goal in the 16th minute, Nichols hit the hamstring injury twerk celebration.

Hamstring Injury Twerk Celebration

Who hit the celebration better is the real question. Nichols or LaBonta?

The exact origin of this celebration is hard to pinpoint. The fake hamstring injury leading to twerking trend has been popular on TikTok for some time now. 

One of the first instances of this move seen on a soccer field was from this video posted on Aug. 9, 2021.

With Nichols and LaBonta doing this same celebration just four days apart, we could be seeing the start of the next popular goal celebration.

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