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World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 12

Today marked the begining of the end for the group stage. Groups A and B played their final games, which is always a cause for drama because most of these games will decide who advances to the Round of 16. There was an enormous amount of people claiming that the refs and the use of VAR was very one-sided in almost every match, which goes to show how big these games were today.

Weekend Games:

The games over the weekend were exciting and full of goals. England and Belgium demolished their opponents, while Germany barely edged out Sweden. Everyone is getting behind Senegal because of their fun-loving players and fans.

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt:

There wasn't much of a reason to watch this game since both teams had already been eliminated. But hey, Mo Salah was playing, so why not witness some more of his magic.

Uruguay vs Russia:

This game was only needed to see who tops the group and if Russia was actually the real deal. People are doubting Russia after its flying start because of this 3-0 loss.

Iran vs Portgual:

Portugal and Spain were playing at the same time and neither was safe from elimination, so many people had to make the tough decision on which game to watch. Also, Ronaldo missed a penalty, so Messi and Ronaldo fans just went crazy on Twitter.

Spain vs Morocco:

Morocco had no chance of advancing, but that didn't stop them from fighting hard until the very end.

In Other News.... Absolute Tekkers!

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