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I Still Can’t Tell If Bernardo Silva Is Absolutely Blitzed Or Genuinely Terrified In Funny Video With Fan

Imagine drunkenly stumbling into Bernardo Silva on your night out.

My sixth journalism sense is already tingling. I know someone in the comments will have the audacity to say, “wow, slow news day?” Yeah Brad from Arkansas, it was a slower day for me — it’s because I couldn’t stop thinking of a Bernardo Silva fan video from the other night.

The context of the Bernardo Silva fan video isn’t clear. For all we know this clip could be over a year old, but what I do know is that one fan found the Manchester City star during a night out and made the most of it.

Bernardo Silva Fan Video

If you go out often then you likely have a story of a time you woke up the next morning and don’t remember much. For the sake of the story being fun, I sincerely hope that the fan who recorded Bernardo Silva woke up the next morning with a splitting headache and 200 notifications from friends asking what happened last night.

The kiss on the City midfielder might have been taking things a bit too far, but when you meet the guy who has 10 goals and four assists for you this season, you get excited.

Embed from Getty Images

I can’t tell if Silva was having a good time or was absolutely miserable for the entire experience. It’s bizarre to me how he’s just kind of there as if he spawned into the pub the fan was in. It doesn’t appear Silva has any sort of entourage with him, he’s just hanging out giving a smile.

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