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Fox Watch: Did We Forget How Much We Love/Hate Jorge Perez-Navarro?

Many people following the World Cup this summer watched Fox's announcing duo of Jorge Perez-Navarro and Mariano Trujillo for the first time on Saturday. Many people were quick to point out how much they hated Jorge Perez-Navarro.

In our second installment of Fox Watch, we once again take a look at Fox’s World Cup coverage. On Friday we discussed Aly Wagner making history; today we discus the biggest single day of the tournament on the schedule, with four matches all staggered throughout Saturday.

Today we’ll start with the bad. I find it extremely disingenuous of Fox to promote the start times of matches as being an hour before they actually begin. Just look at this graphic run on FS1 on Saturday for Sunday’s matches.

Jorge Perez-Navarro

Screenshot: FS1

I get Fox wants viewers to tune in for the pregame show, but to put the match times different from what they are is a real shitty way to treat your audience. I also didn't like how much Fox focused on Lionel Messi's missed penalty kick. It was a big moment and Iceland deserves credit for earning a draw, but it was a bit over the top. 

Also, in the final match of the day, we saw what happens when announcers aren’t actually in the city from which they’re calling the game. Glenn Davis comically said they were in “Kalininberg” instead of Kaliningrad. 

Moving on, I’d like to commend John Strong for his “Iceland beats Argentina 1-1” call, harkening back to the “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29” headline from 1968. 

The call was odd, and many people were confused, but I thought it was clever and fit the narrative of the match. Some of the hate from Twitter was unwarranted. 

But at least some people understood the reference.

Some might have suggested the Peru-Denmark match would be the most boring of the day, but this is the World Cup and there are rarely boring matches. Peru’s fans were out in force before the match and it would’ve been nice if Fox has shown a little more reverence to Peru’s accomplishments as they've been doing with Iceland. 

The third match of the day was the 2018 World Cup debut of Jorge Perez-Navarro. While many will remember hating him during the Confederations Cup last summer, more casual fans were as vocal as Peru fans expressing their distaste of the play-by-play commentator. 

But not everyone hates Jorge Perez-Navarro.

Personally, aside from making far too many Aerosmith references, I thought Navarro was alright. The “Boom Goes The Dynamite” reference wasn’t completely obscure since it was for the Danish Dynamite.

The Navarro-Trujillo pairing is certainly different from most American broadcasters, but different doesn’t have to be bad. 

On a slight tangent, congratulations to Telemundo’s Viviana Vila, who joined Wagner as the first women to call a men’s World Cup match on U.S. television. Vila called the Croatia-Nigeria match Saturday afternoon.

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