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There’s Something Called Floppotron And It’s Not What You Think

No one likes a flopper — it’s one of the few things on which all football fans can agree.

You might begrudgingly appreciate when a flopper earns your team a penalty kick or understand that the nature of the high-stakes game encourages players to do whatever it takes to gain an advantage, but no one actually likes a flopper.

So when we recently discovered something called the Floppotron, we were intrigued.

Surely this would be some sort of devious robot created to trick referees into awarding penalty kicks and make Neymar/Ronaldo/whichever-player-you-hate-right-now look like a hero in comparison, right?

We were wrong. And we’re quite pleased with what Floppotron actually turned out to be. 

Floppotron has nothing to do with Neymar and everything to do with obsolete electronics. 

Paweł Zadrożniak, a self-proclaimed computer geek, create Floppotron way back in 2011, back before Neymar was reviled for being fouled so much he decided he’d be better off preempting contact and going down early. 

What Zadrożniak has created is a musical device that plays cover songs using old computer equipment like floppy disk drives. 

Now, for those of you who are too young to remember, computers used to be horrid, ugly machinations that made terrifying noises that had you convinced your parents were going to wake up and hear you playing computer games at 3 a.m. on a school night. 

Floppotron has covered scores of songs and even has its own Patreon page

It does everything from popular theme songs from TV shows, movies and video games … 

… to hit songs from the past five-plus decades. 

It even gets in on the Christmas spirit, because what’s a robot without religion?

My personal favorite is DragonForce’s Through The Fire And The Flames, or should we say Through The Disks and The Drives. 

Need more soccer content since you are, after all, on a soccer website? Well here’s some actual flopping robots.

Let's see Neymar top that. 

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