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Twitter Explodes Over Release Of FIFA 18

Social media loves #FIFAFriday.

In case you’ve been hiding under some sort of large pebble, FIFA 18 was released Friday, otherwise known as FIFA Friday. For many the launch date of EA Sports’ annual FIFA game is a personal holiday that comes before school/work, personal hygiene and familial obligations.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the game’s release.

Weekend Plans

It’s easy to make plans this weekend when you’ve got the newest FIFA to play. Plenty of you out there are more than willing to take a personal day to stay home to play FIFA on launch day. We salute you all.


Be Prepared

It’s important to be prepared for FIFA Friday. Anyone who preordered the digital version of game should have preloaded the game to their console long beforehand to avoid disasters such as this. 

Retweet For A Free Copy!

Taking advantage of the FIFA fervor, many outlets held giveaways where retweets would give followers a chance to win a free copy of the game. It’s shameless self promotion, but at the same time, why didn’t we do that too?

Launch Day Competition

FIFA 18 wasn’t the only big video game released on Friday. Nintendo’s SNES Classic came out on the same day, creating a dilemma for the nostalgia-minded consumer. 


Not All Puppies And Rainbows

Because this is the internet, not everyone had nice things to say about FIFA 18. Shocking, I know. 

Bad Player Matching?

Some folks are upset at the matchmaking. But really, it’s just sour grapes. Git gud son. 

Odd Looking Ref

One noticeable bug included a referee who’s appearance didn’t quite match up. Maybe FIFA is trying to make a statement about racial equality?

Players React

There are plenty of player reactions to the game but here are a couple. 


Relationship Goals

Let’s be realistic here. FIFA 18 is going to strain some relationships. Some will grow stronger, others will disintegrate faster than Ligue 1 defenses facing PSG this season. 

Sorry baby, I will be in the man cave tell the kids am on the road #FifaFriday @easportsfifa

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