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Exclusive: Glossary Of Pep Guardiola's Hand Signals From The Stands



Pinky in the air

Switch to a 4-4-2.

Making a "W" with arms on top of head

Switch to a 4-2-2-2 Brazilian box.

The "Hook 'Em" sign

Switch to a 4-2-3-1.

Hands spreading apart

Play closer to each other (this is trickery).

Hands gone closer together

Spread out (this is also trickery).

Hand to ear like a telephone

Talk to each other out there boys.

Hands in that thing that makes like the Eiffel Tower or whatever

Play for counterattacks and set pieces.

Hands formed in a triangle

More long shots.

Holding up one finger

Route 1 time, baby.


Switch from a back four to a back three.

Twirling pointer finger in a circle

Switch from short goalkeeper distribution to long goalkeeper distribution.

Flexing biceps

Use your strength to kick Liverpool off the ball.

Scratching top of head

Switch from a back three to a back four.

Stroking beard

Have the striker drop into midfield to better hold possession.

The "I'm watching you" sign, you know the oneĀ 

Have De Bruyne move up and act as a second striker.

Tapping side of head

Work the ball up to Sterling and Sane on the wings.

Rubbing hands together

More one-twos.

Spirit fingers

Speed the ball movement up.

Tapping wrist

What time is it?

That motion flight attendants do when telling you how to put your air mask on

Plug the middle of the field to suffocate Liverpool's midfield.

The "snorkel" motion

Try swimming around Liverpool's defense utilizing various nearby bodies of water.

Pointer finger in an upward motion


Waving arms frantically for emphasis

Stop letting Liverpool score goals, you fools!

The wanker motion

I disagree with your decision, Mr. Referee sir.

Arms doing the shrugging motion

Pass it to Leroy Sane and maybe he'll do something.

Jazz Hands

Keep possession at any cost.

Hands over eyes

Watch for Liverpool players sneaking up behind you.

Hands over ears

The stadium is too loud the players must be able to communicate.

Shirt covering nose

Kevin de Bruyne has been into the garlic again.

Arm windmilling

Use the wind to your advantage.

Thumb and forefinger in a circle


Thumb up

Good job.

Thumb down

Off with his head.

Hand in a fist, on heart

We who are about to die salute you.

Hands straight up on top of head like a shark fin

Tell Sheikh Mansour I need more money for fullbacks.

Arms crossed in an "X"

Sneak a 12th player on the field and see if the ref notices.

Hands circled around eyes like binoculars

Release the Kraken.

Blowing on hands as if they are very cold

Put the sprinklers on in the middle of a game.

That thing where the shadow of your hand is made to look like a dog

Release a dog on to the field.

The "drinky-drinky" motion

Distract the Liverpool players by telling them they may have already won $14.5 million, but they need to call a special hotline RIGHT NOW to claim their prize.

Flapping arms like a bird

Deploy the "Flying V" popularized by the Mighty Ducks movies.

Slapping forehead with palm

The game is over and we have lost.

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