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Cristiano Ronaldo Turns Back The Clock With Some Unreal Skills For Portugal

There is a massive divide in how different generations have come to view and use the video-sharing network known as YouTube. I’m an old man geezer kind of content boy, and when I first learned that people were using YouTube to do things besides watch Ronaldinho highlights, I stared off into space for 17 straight hours and whispered the word “vlogger” until my temporal lobes exploded in a cacophony of new age understanding. 

Still, when the service was launched in 2005, Ronaldinho was at the height of his powers with Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo was just a frenzied step over in the gleaming eye of Sir Alex Ferguson. So YouTube was the place to go and see what kind of crazy shenanigans they got into last weekend (along with some pulsating techno music). 

2003 to 2007 Cristiano Ronaldo was the greatest thing that ever happened to football. Here was an irrepressible teenager who correctly realized that every goal you scored was just another step over that you couldn’t complete, so he tried to limit his goals and assists in order to maximize his step overs. It was glorious.

Ronaldo has since lost the plot. He no longer flaunts the tekkers for 90 straight minutes, electing instead to now score goals at the same rate of accomplishment. It’s just as implausible, but much more effective for Real Madrid.

But Ronaldo can still bust out the party pieces when he wants to. Look at the 33-year-old taking on Egypt last Friday.

Look at that; just like old times. If you’re interested, here are the old times. This video is now 11 years old. Damn. 

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