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Chrono glasses or dancing all night? Teams share their jet lag antidotes for the World Cup

Jet lag is no joke. And teams arriving in Australia and New Zealand for the upcoming Women's World Cup are trying to deal with the issue the best way they can. Some even have shared online their antidotes against the annoyance. And boy! There are some different approaches out there.

Chrono glasses 

England chose technology. On the trip down to Oceania, the Lioness wore a gadget called chrono glasses, which promises "more energy and better sleep" when time zone differences mess up with your body.

Made by the Dutch company Propeaq, the glasses have orange lenses to make it easier to sleep and blue LED lights to provide more energy once you wake up. And all for $325 a pop and a very futuristic look.

Cool, right?

What about samba? The Brazilian way

But devices are not the only way to fight jet lag.

I don't know if Brazil wanted to save money or not, but their approach was a bit different and definitely more fun. Led by players like Ary Borges and Antonia, the squad decided to throw a party on the plane they flew to Australia. 

"The England team has their glasses, but for us, it doesn't work," Borges said. "Our way of staying awake during the flight was quite different. It's a more Brazilian way. Obviously, there was a part, especially on the second flight, that no one else was putting up with because I really wanted to sleep, but it was really cool. We were really dancing, singing. It was super fun."

"Without a doubt, I think that this joy, this madness is part of our DNA," added Antonia.

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