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Chelsea Fans Are The Most Cruel People You’ll Meet On Twitter

A harmless, almost-funny tweet from @ChelseaFC drew disproportionately harsh reactions.

It was a harmless tweet — maybe even a funny one. Before Chelsea’s Premier League match with West Brom on Monday, the Blues’ Twitter handle (@ChelseaFC) made a Star Wars joke centered around one of the space opera’s most lovable characters. But the Chelsea Twitter fans were having none of it.

Who doesn’t love Chewbacca? He’s essentially David Luiz with a little less hair and better driving/flying skills. Apparently the Chelsea Twitter fans don’t, that’s who.

The responses to the tweet were straight up savage, vicious to no end and disproportionately cruel given the light-hearted nature of the original tweet. Countless folks took to Twitter to immediately suggest @ChelseaFC take down the innocent joke. Apparently Blues fans are in no mood to laugh after losing two straight matches by three goals each. 

A sad few called for blood.

We at The18 disagree wholeheartedly with the above sentiment. Bundesliga Twitter > Premier League Twitter any day of the week. 

At least one fan had a sensible response to another fan’s since-deleted irrational reply that the team needs to focus on the match. 

Internet memes and hatred aside, one fan looked on the bright side ahead of the match, so we’ll leave you on this positive note.

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