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These Are The Best Soccer-Themed Halloween Videos

Hey, it’s Halloween! Aside from tooth decay induced by copious amounts of sugar-loaded candy, that means all your favorite soccer teams are releasing spooky and/or goofy Halloween videos. Horray! We here at The18 have done the hard work of rounding up the best soccer Halloween videos from this week, so grab some bite-sized candy bars and enjoy. 

First up is Paris Saint-Germain, which went with the classic trope of a scary figure jumping out at unsuspecting people (on camera, of course). Thiago Silva looked like he was ready to fight the zombie creature while Kylian Mbappe, well, you just have to see his reaction for yourself. 

Unfortunately, Neymar has a clause in his contract that says he cannot be scared by anyone or anything, so he did not partake in the video. 

Wolfsburg had a similar video but, of course, went with a man in a wolfman costume, because wolves. 

In England, Tottenham did the old “What’s in the box?” gag with various creepy items hidden from the view of players as they reached their hands inside. The full-sized zombie head makes it worth a watch.

Manchester City sent Bernardo Silva and Danilo to a haunted escape room. If they failed to escape the room in time, Pep Guardiola would bench them for the weekend match against Arsenal. 

Arsenal went a different route, turning to virtual reality to scare its players. Laurent Koscielny, Calum Chambers, David Ospina and Ainsley Maitland-Niles donned VR headsets and wandered through a haunted house and none of them got out without looking silly. Many of them fall down like Cristiano Ronaldo looking for a penalty. 

Of particular note is Maitland-Niles, who essentially goes into a sort of walking fetal position as he navigates through the game. 

Sporting and Juventus face off in a Champions League match on Halloween and both had themed videos. Sporting had a Jason-esque character hide behind a screen and spook unwary players.

Last but certainly not least is Juventus, which sent its goofy zebra mascot Jay through the streets of Lisbon ahead of the Old Lady’s Champions League match against Sporting.

Absolutely terrifying. 

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