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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Tips — What Is The Best Formation?

If you want to reach Elite in FUT Champions, you must have a strategy.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is here and it has a different game system than its predecessor. It’s definitely more focused on strategy than speed. In order to succeed, you must have a crystal-clear game plan to execute. We have tried many different formations and here are the Top 5 that we recommend you to use and perfect the game plan.

Best Formation FIFA 21 FUT


FUT Tips

4-1-4-1 Formation. Screenshot: Fifplay

This formation is amazing. With the proper strategy and players, you have a very high chance of winning. For this one, it’s important to have LBs and RBs that have good attacking skills since the idea is for them to attack a lot and expand your options to pass. Your CDM must be a highly defensive one and your ST must be the fastest possible, so he can get behind of the opposite defense and easily score.


FUT Tips

3-5-2 Formation. Screenshot: Fifplay

I know, it looks risky to play with just 3 CBs, but believe me, this is the formation you will have the most fun with. If there’s something that this formation can guarantee, it’s a crazy amount of goals! It will depend on you if it’s in your favor or against. For the CBs on the side, you must have fast ones like Joe Gomez or Nathan Ake. Your LM and RM must have good defensive skills and your STs don’t have to be both so fast, but at least one of them should be. (Timo Werner or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang if you can.)


FUT Tips

4-4-2 Formation. Screenshot: Fifplay

Here we are with the classic 4-4-2. This is a balanced formation that will work if you like to do pass-and-run. It will work better if you have one CM that stays on defense and the other one goes to attack. Actually, the attacking CM should be a CAM transformed to CM. Good ones for this are Roberto Firmino, Kai Havertz, Marco Reus or Kevin De Bruyne if you could afford him.

4-3-3 (3)

FUT Tips

4-3-3 (3) Formation. Screenshot: Fifplay

If you want to have a great defensive formation, this is your one. You have two CDMs here that will help your CBs a lot when you don’t have the ball. In order to succeed, you must play with Possession and have the ball most of the time, so you can create a good amount of chances with your whole team advancing slowly to the attack zone. Your CAM should be your best player!

4-3-3 (4)

FUT Tips

4-3-3 (4) Formation. Screenshot: Fifplay

This is a very attacking formation. If you’re the type of player who likes to attack the whole time, straight forward, and want to score as many goals as possible without caring too much about defense, this is your formation. I recommend to have even both of your CMs to go to attack. With the proper players and strategy on the field, you will create so many chances. It will work best with Long Passing (your LW and RW have to get behind of the defense).

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