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The Best (And Worst) Fans From Euro 2020, So Far

While the Euros roll on through the knockout rounds, we have plenty of wild fan interactions already. From fans showing up to support their team in the wrong country to pitch invaders wielding rainbow flags, anything goes as fans are enjoying their time back. Football fans were kept from stadiums and fully supporting their teams for over a year by the Covid-19 pandemic, diminished to yelling at screens instead of faces, so we wouldn't expect anything less extravagant than what has been happening. Let's take a look at the best Euro 2020 fans so far. 

Best Euro 2020 Fans 

We kick off the Euro 2020 fan spotlight with the highlight of all highlights. One Denmark fan made not only his friends happy but his country proud as he made a beer run that you wouldn't believe. This legendary man took 12 beers — yes, you read that correctly — and one hot dog through the crowd at one of Denmark's group-stage matches. He really showed the world what he has been striving toward all those years with his hard work finally paying off. 

I don't think any other video illuminates just how important getting the job done in one trip is to humans. This man was determined; his friends were getting those beers no matter what. Next time I get groceries, I know who's coming with me.

But with fans back in the stadiums, it's not just love and support coming from the stands. Cristiano Ronaldo found this out quickly when Portugal faced Hungary in their first match in the group stages. 

Some fans are just happy to be back, some excited to cheer on their teams, some ready to yell at the opposition and other fans missed out completely. A few French fans showed up over 500 miles away from where their team was supposed to play. The six fans mistook Bucharest for Budapest, where the France national team was playing. They mistakenly followed a group of Ukrainian soccer fans from the airport to where they waited for the wrong match to kick off. They might be kicking themselves for a while after that blunder.

From beer runs to showing up to support their team in the wrong country, the Euro 2020 fans are doing it all. They have even taken time to protest oppressive human rights laws in response to Hungary passing laws banning any LGBTQ+ content that could potentially be exposed to minors a few weeks ago. After UEFA turned down Germany's request to light up their stadium with rainbow colors in order to show support of the LGBTQ+ community, the German fans had their back.

While Germany and Hungary lined up in the group stages, one brave protester broke free on the pitch wielding a rainbow flag as Hungary's national anthem played. The crowd cheered as the man stopped right in front of the Hungary squad and raised the flag to the sky in protest of the recent discriminatory laws passed. 

While some fans took the time back in the stadiums to protest or to drink as much beer as possible, others went another route. Some fans went as silly as they could with their costumes, with Italian fans dressing up like slices of pizza and the Mario Bros. to cheer their team on. The Euro 2020 fans are one of a kind. 

Belgium fans raised the level of costumes by painting themselves blue and dressing as smurfs to show their support for their squad. 

But no one could match the Dutch as they were dressed head to toe in orange; the bright-colored sea of fans could be seen from outer space.

The Euros always provide some of the best fans for entertainment; they let their emotions out and put their heart and soul into willing their teams to victory.

This Switzerland fan perfectly captures the roller coaster of emotions these fans are put through. The two photos were taken minutes apart, the first one capturing a desperate man letting his emotions show as he watched his team struggle to compete, the second displaying a man looking like he could fight a bear, celebrating like the world ended as his team scored a late equalizer. This guy is my spirit animal. 

Whatever works for the fans works for us, we just love seeing fans back showing their support in funny, obscure ways. We can always count on the Euros to bring us these special types of fans. It not only adds to the atmosphere of healthy fun competition — the fans being crazy is a necessary part of football. 

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