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(Turn down your volume!) Prankster spoils BBC’s FA Cup broadcast with NSFW moaning

The BBC’s broadcast of Liverpool and Wolves’ FA Cup game on Tuesday ran into some trouble when a YouTube prankster played loud moaning from porn during the show. The BBC FA Cup noises prank was cleverly done with a phone hidden on the set.

The moans happened many times during the pregame show. If you've been on the internet long enough you've heard this noise before.

BBC FA Cup Noises Prank

Host Gary Lineker tried to keep a straight face as the moans came in hot and fast.

After searching the studio, the culprit of the noise was discovered: an older phone that had been hidden on set.

Who could have masterminded such an evil plot? The person responsible was YouTuber prankster BMWJarvo whose actual name is Daniel Jarvis.

The YouTuber with 177k subscribers found a way to hide the phone at Molineux Stadium and then keep calling it to trigger the noises.

He posted videos on YouTube and Twitter of his reaction while the prank happened.

This isn’t the first time he’s pulled some shenanigans during a soccer game. In September last year he ran onto the field while the United States men’s national team played a friendly against Saudi Arabia.

The BBC issued an apology for the porn noises, but Lineker argued that they had nothing to be sorry about and saw the funny side of things.

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