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All The World Cup Gear You Need To Know About

All the kits have been released, all the new cleats have been dropped and even some board shorts for a few of the countries competing were released.

So, if you’ve missed anything at all, do not fear, because we have it all in this handy World Cup gear guide just for you.

World Cup Kits

Look good, feel good, play good.

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The main aspect of new gear at every World Cup is the new kits for each country. Some are pretty plain and basic, while others are absolutely killing the kit game. Nigeria for us wins the kit contest hands down, and the general public seemed to agree, with Nigeria’s kit selling out almost immediately

World Cup Kit Suppliers

32 teams. 8 kit suppliers.

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There will be nine different kit sponsors at the World Cup. As you can see from this chart, the big boys Adidas and Nike are the main kit suppliers for the World Cup. But, would it be better to be sponsored by a less-known manufacturer? A less-known company might provide you with a more individual template as opposed to Adidas or Nike just giving a team a basic and boring template.

World Cup Cleats

World Cup Gear

Nike dropped a very basic set of cleats for this World Cup, but they look very clean. Adidas meanwhile dropped the “Energy Mode” pack, which features its four main cleat types — Nemeziz, Copa, Adidas X and Predator — in a bright group of colours. A website also managed to compile the most common cleats that players will wear into two graphs, just for your enjoyment. Nike dominates the field at 64.1 percent, with Adidas at 26.8 percent. Crazy numbers, huh.

World Cup Board Shorts

Yep, Hurley dropped some pretty sweet board shorts for some of the Nike-sponsored countries. Because, you know, Nike owns Hurley, so it makes sense. You can now look the part in a jersey and board shorts this summer down at the beach

Everything Else You Didn't Know About

Some of the best gear slipped under everyone’s noses, but not ours. We made a guide to all the best gear you probably didn’t know about. If you ask us, the Nike F.C. collection is our favorite.

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