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Why Alisson's Rumored Move To Liverpool Needs To Happen ASAP

Liverpool are rumored to be sizing up a deal for Roma goalkeeper Alisson Becker. Here's why that needs to happen yesterday.

Liverpool are reportedly sizing up a move for Roma's bearded Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

(Please ignore the reports from today that the move is off. We will be over here pretending they do not exist.)

Folks are saying this would be a bad move for Liverpool because of the good form current No. 1 Loris Karius is in. Karius, a German with immaculate cheekbones, would be put off by the arrival of an expensive new goalkeeper.

I do not think that this would be the case.

Karius and Alisson have a lot in common. They are both strikingly-handsome goalkeepers. Probably there are other commonalities. Such commonalities that they might end up becoming friends and hanging out. If this happened, Liverpool Instagram would explode.

Besides, if Liverpool make the Champions League again they could just do the cup-league thing with Becker and Karius and everyone would be winners. But back to Instagram. We must see Instagram pictures of Alisson and Karius hanging out. We simply must.

Sun is out #LK1

A post shared by LORIS KARIUS (@lorisk21) on

Imagine these two forces of nature at the same club, doing activities: watching Netflix, drinking tropical drinks on beaches, getting  haircuts, playing FIFA, standing on the edges of pools wearing Dennis Rodman jerseys, playing the guitar, riding bicycles and making what appear to be kebabs.    

This must happen. For the likes. For the culture. For the 'Gram.

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